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iPhone 5 Costs a Pittance to Charge


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Jun 18, 2010
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An energy efficiency company called Opower has revealed today the results of its new study, which show that the iPhone 5 costs just $0.41 per year to charge, according to MacRumors. The report says that while costs will vary depending on the usage habits of each owner, and their local electricity rates, their estimate is based on the assumption of an iPhone 5 being fully charged once a day for a US average cost of 11.8 cents per kWh. The study also finds that while this very low consumption rate is good news for the individual iPhone owner, the fact that the iPhone is so popular, with an expected 170 million iPhone 5s to be sold in the next year worldwide, means that the collective annual electricity consumption of the iPhone 5s sold over the next year will be equal to the yearly electricity usage of 54,000 households. With that said, Opower notes that the shift towards less-power-hungry smartphones and away from computers and other entertainment mediums will mean less energy is eventually consumed overall.

Source: iPhone 5 Costs Roughly $0.41 Per Year to Charge - Mac Rumors

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