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Iphone 5 battery problems


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Aug 11, 2015
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Hi everyone. I have an Iphone 5 which the battery only lasts between 7-10 hours on a full charge. I changed it for an original battery but still lasts about the same. So I assume its not a battery fault. I have noticed aswell that the battery runs down even when phone is turned off. There is no sign of water damage at all. Any ideas of what the problem could be?. Thanks in advance. Gary.
If the battery is still draining even when the iPhone 5 is turned off, there's almost certainly a short somewhere in the circuitry. It would take a diagnostic to pinpoint the problem. Genius Bar appointments and diagnostics are free at an Apple Store.
It is an iPhone 5, which has been out for 3 years. Li-Po batteries are only good for 300 or so charges before it really starts to loose significant battery power.

I know two-way radio manufactures consider li-po and li-ion batteries "bad and replace" when they drop below 80%. I've had Motorola replace dozens of batteries that drop below 80% within 18 months of purchasing them new.

My iPhone 4 year old 4s has 1200 charge cycles on it and it's at 77%. This is because I never let it drop below 20%. Topping off LI-Ion batteries is way better than letting it drop down. If I'm by a charger, I plug in my phone. Works great for me and the battery.