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Iphone 4s compilation problems with Pioneer head units


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Oct 21, 2011
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I have a AVH-P4200DVD and a AHV-P3200BT Pioneer head unit. I have a Ipod classic that I connect to them and they both work fine. When I connect my Iphone 4s there is a problem displaying the artists. I have compilation albums that I have marked in the tags as compilations. With the classic it does not show all of the individual artist which is what I want it to do. With the Iphone 4s ALL of the artist on the compilations are shown so instead of only showing 90 artist, it shows upwards of 1000 artists since each compilation album has many artists. Is there any way to fix this? Anyone know if there is something different that the iphone does compared to the ipod? On the Iphone when it isn't connected, it only displays 90 artists so it is reading the compilation tags correctly, it's only when connected to the head unit that it shows all the artists. Thanks for the help.

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