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Iphone 4 Wi-Fi Router ?


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Nov 10, 2010
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I have been considering buying the Iphone 4, but I really require that my next phone has the ability to be used as a "Wi-Fi router" so to speak. so i can be connected to the net on my Ipad in case im not in range of any Wifi hotspots.

does anyone know for sure if there is an app that can handle this task? or if the phone already has a built in option to serve me justice ?

thnx for you time.
You can get tethering service through ATT as an addition to your plan. However, you can also jailbreak your phone and grab "MyWi," which does the same thing. The iPhone4 becomes a hotspot that can be accessed wirelessly or tethered through your USB cable.
I'm not sure if one method is better than the other. I can say that "MyWi" works great.
I'm a road warrior, in hotels up to 150 nights a year. If the hotel does not have free wifi, I just fire up my own little hotspot, thanks to jailbreak and "MiWi."
One caution, if you do not have an unlimited data plan, be careful about burning through your 2 gigs of data in a short time.
Is Mywi illegal
MiWi is not illegal, but it is against your contract to use it if verizon ever found out somehow. I actually use PDAnet, had it on my rooted droid for wifi hotspot and it works well for the iphone too