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iPhone 4 unlock


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May 27, 2014
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Sorry if this has been covered before but here goes:

I got given a faulty iPhone 4 by a friend who i did some work for, when i got it it wouldn't charge so i plugged it into my PC and iTunes soon found it and restored it to the latest update, once fully charged i turned it on but it says that the incorrect SIM card is in and it won't work, i can only assume that it had previously been jailbroken?? I have tried all UK SIM cards in it and none worked so i paid a couple of ££ and did a check on it and it's locked to AT&T who will only unlock it if i have an account, which i don't and i'm in the UK so they can't / wont help me. Is there a reliable IMEI unlock site online that i can use?? Or any other method?? Thanks in advance