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Iphone 4 mic for noise cancellation


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Jun 28, 2010
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Hey Guys

Ok so a bit embarassed to post this - i got excited when i first opened my iphone 4 and i presumed the tiny hole at the top was for the sim card ! and i may have tried to poke my paper clip inside it but obviously the hole was too small - Im just a little concerned that i may have damaged the noise cancellation mic - (im 90% sure my paper clip didnt even go in and i did not force it in either) but is there a way to check? My sound is perfectly fine and i dont have interference in calls.........
I have no idea how you would go about testing this... I would assume apple would just tell you to send it in... But I'm like you I don't think a paper clip will fit.....
Maybe record a video and cover the mic that you know works see if it can still record sound. Don't know quite where you are at with this but that is my suggestion.

If it is broken, wait a few weeks for the iPhone 4 rush to go down, bring it to apple and say it was defective....