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iphone 4 - Jailbroken, but still tied to Verizon...


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Oct 6, 2014
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Hi all, I've got an iphone 4 that was given to my daughter. It's a Verizon phone, but it's got a sim card slot too. I'm on T-Mobile. I've used Pangu to jailbreak it hoping it would unlock it from Verizon, but it still says Verizon.

When I started Pangu again, it says it's already jailbroken, but it still says it's on the Verizon network. I've got the T-Mobile sim card in it... plus, I've got the Cydia icon too.

Any ideas on how to get it to recognize the GSM network? I put into DFU mode, but itunes wanted to install iOS 8.2.0 and I didn't know if that was a good move...

Any ideas?

BTW, the only way to get it to boot up after running Pangu is to plug a cable into the headphone jack (if it matters).

The iPhone 4 CDMA has no SIM slot, so even if you're able to unlock it, you're at best able to use Sprint or a flashed Cricket. If you see a SIM tray on the right hand bezel (with respect to the screen facing you), you either have a 4S or an iPhone 4 GSM. If you have a SIM tray and it says Verizon, you're on a 4S, not a 4.

Jailbreaking does not equate to unlocking. Unlocking is a separate process that requires payment of some form unless you've met Verizon's requirements for an unlock, though even then they can turn you down for an unlock by saying "Just because". Alternatively you can purchase an interposer to slip between the SIM tray and the SIM card, which comes in the form of R-SIM, X-SIM, GPP SIM, Gevey, or some variant of the sort, which are basically just "brands" slapped on top of a generic piece of hardware. They run for about 15-20 USD on average, maybe 30.

The headphone jack requirement is a side effect of the kernel exploit used by Pangu. It's an issue for some of the older devices as well as the ambient light sensor for older devices as well. There's no way to bypass this without a fresh restore and hope by chance that the kernel does not display the same side-effect, but that requires restoring to 7.1.2, which is no longer possible.