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iPhone 3Gs IOS4 contact sync problem


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Jun 17, 2010
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ok from looking around it does not seem i'm the only one that has had this problem.

I have my contacts in Address book on my Macbook/Snow Leopard.
I have 2 groups in Address book, "work" and "iPhone"
iTunes is configured to Sync the iPhone group.
I have contacts in Address book which are refusing to make their way to my iPhone and similarly have contacts on my iPhone which just does not want to get into Address book...

How can I force a new merge.
In Windows it is easy, go Edit/Preferences/Devices and click "reset Sync history" but now this option does not exist in MacOS x 10.6./Snow Leopard.

Need to get this resolved now to be ready for my iPhone 4, should have it by week after next.
On your main sync page you can select a check box that I believe merges your info versus just saving you phone info to the mac. Hope this helps!

I went another route to get the information matching,

Please explain where this option is on page, havent seen it, and I have seriously looked.

using iTunes 9.2 on MBP

I believe it is the second tab. The email/contacts sync page. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
Hi there

Second page is Info, at the bottom the options down there is not merge, it is replace phone data with computer data.
I want to know how can you force iTunes to go into a merge, of the data between the phone and computer/address book.

i don't use iSync so thats not an option.