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Iphone 3G No service? Helppp


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Apr 26, 2012
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So ive tried searching for an answer but i couldnt find anything that works.
Ive had the iphone 3g about 8 months (a friend gave it me) it was on O2 UK..i jailbroke it and unlocked it by adding ultrasnow and everything worked fine i could use my t-mobile sim in there.
Then for some reason i restored it because my friend wanted it back, but then she realised she didnt need it -.-
so i tried jailbreaking it again and unlocking it, and it came up 'No Service'.

I have Iphone 3G on 6.15.00 baseband and 4.2.1 firmware

i have tried just upgrading the baseband again with redsn0w but still no service. I tired restoring it multiple times with the 3x firmware and 4.2.1 firmware, custom firmware and the sn0wbreeze restore.

Whatever i do it still says no service, i have tried turning off and on airplane mode and 3g.

Any ideas? and its pay as you go if thats any help.. i just dont understand why it worked perfectly before and now it says no service..any help is appriciated

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