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iOS Leads Android by a Big Margin in Enterprise


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Jun 18, 2010
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Apple’s iOS is leading the way in enterprise apps, according to a new survey from International Data Corporation (IDC), which is reported on by AppleInsider today. The survey seems to indicate a very clear distinction as far as developers are concerned, between business apps, which iOS apparently rules the roost in, and consumer-oriented apps, which Android still takes the lead in. IDC surveyed more than 3,500 Appcelerator developers around the world, with IDC vice president, Mobile and Connected Consumer Platforms, Scott Ellison, commenting on how Apple’s iOS has taken a “dramatic” lead over Android, Google’s OS. In the survey, 53.2% of developers said that they think that iOS will come out the winner in the enterprise, as opposed to 37.3% who favoured Android. AppleInsider notes that this shows a marked shift in the views of developers since the third quarter of 2011, when they said that they thought that Android and iOS were both evenly matched in terms of the enterprise, with 44% for each platform.

Apple's iOS takes 'dramatic lead' over Android in enterprise apps

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