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iOS 7 security bug allows anyone to access photos and email


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Nov 27, 2012
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​The iOS 7 has been unleashed and the most curious ones already have their hands on it. So, the testing phase initiated by the public seemed to be going very well, but new information coming from Forbes reveals that a severe bug has been spotted in the new operating system.

A Spanish iPhone user who lives in Tenerife and is called Jose Rodrigruez has already found a vulnerability in the new iOS which allows the bypassing of Apple’s lockscreen in just a few simple move​​s. Basically, everybody can do it.

Rodigruez uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing how anybody can hack into a system using iOS 7 thus being able to use the Calculator and Calendar applications. But what’s more frightening is that the uninvited guest can also gain access to photographs, take screenshots and even send out emails.

The backdoor is opened once you access the iOS’s Control Room. Then simply jump to the Calculator application. From there it’s extremely easy to send, copy or delete information without actually knowing the device’s password.

This is the first security vulnerability that has been reported in the 48 hourse since the iOS 7 was released. Maybe others are bound to be discovered as well. Since security issues are of vital importance nowadays, Apple will surely address this matter quickly and efficiently. Even with a bug discovered, we should keep in mind that this is a Beta version and the official one is yet to be released.

Mister Rodriguez is not new to iOS bug detecting. In March he stumbled upon a similar security issue in iOS 6.1.3.

Source: Forbes
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