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ios 7.0.4


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Jun 29, 2014
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Hi all I have recently bought a 4s to use as an ipod it's locked to ee is it possible to unlock phone via jailbreak & can this ios be jailbroken or do I need to take to the local phone shop thanks

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Any and all iOS can be jailbroken at the moment. The last device to be able to openly be unlocked with a jailbreak is the 3GS. All other devices after the 3GS either had to be purchased unlocked, paid for to get it unlocked, or an interposer such as the R SIM has to be purchased to unlock the device. There are no free unlocks for the newer devices. And never pay for a jailbreak, it's free and easy to perform

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If you have a way to connect to iTunes do that and reset it to factory settings!

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