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iPhone 4S stayed in Recovery Mode after iOS 7.0.4 update


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Nov 20, 2013
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Hi, I am helping my friend to get his iPhone 4S out of a sticky situation. He updated his iPhone 4S to iOS 7.0.4 few days ago and ever since then the phone is in recovery mode and won't get out of it. I have tried Tiny Umbrella, Dr. Fone, and Redsn0w method to get it out of the recovery mode loop. He has photo that has not backed up yet and would like to find a way to get the phone out of recovery mode if possible. I have read up that you can us Dr. Fone to recover any delete data. Anybody has luck with that program? I really don't want to do a restore on the phone with iTune then try to use Dr. Fone and turn out the program doesn't work. That would really wipe everything out.

Anybody could give me a direction that would be great.

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