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iOS 6 hits start popping up in developerĀ’s usage logs


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Jul 27, 2011
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The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is fast approaching. Rumors of the iOS 6 beta version potentially being released in San Francisco are stronger than ever. The latest update on the subject comes from the 9to5Mac team. One of their sources, a developer, claims that devices running iOS 6 have began popping up in their application usage log. Is the iOS 6 already alive but hidden?

Apparently the hits have been popping up since late April. Apple might be looking to test the compatibility of some apps with the new operating system. It is not so uncommon for testing like this to be performed before the beta release actually goes out to the public. The information was provided by an analytics program used by developers in order to track visitor information.

This scenario is not new. Apple was been doing the same exact tests with iOS 5, so the bigger mystery here is not if Apple is actually doing the tests but when is the official beta version going to be released? Last year the iOS 5 was launched in October, so many feel that Apple will keep this tradition. And then there are those who really hope they are going to see the iOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in just one month.

The new iOS 6 is expected to bring in some powerful additions. One of them has been reported this week by the Wall Street Journal and involves Apple axing its partnership with Google Maps and adding its own 3D Map application.

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Source: Developers begin seeing iOS 6 hits in App Store application usage logs | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence