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iOS 4.3.3 Confirmed as Fixing Location Data Bug


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Jun 18, 2010
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Following on from the release of iOS 4.3.3, which Apple said was primarily designed to correct the location data tracking bug that caused such controversy a couple of weeks ago, Redmond Pie reports that PCMag has carried out thorough tests to ascertain if the latest iOS update did in fact do the trick, and found that the answer was most definitely a resounding “yes!” Using the iPhoneTracker app, PCMag reported that neither of the phones that they tested after installing iOS 4.3.3 showed any sign of collecting location data, or of storing it in backup files. This was in contrast to before iOS 4.3.3 was installed, when they found that the iPhone had tracked them as they went to and from work as well as following them on vacation.

PCMag also looked for the data log files themselves, finding that files that had previously been approximately 380KB were now only 24KB. Finally, PCMag used iOS forensic app Lantern to really put iOS 4.3.3 through its paces, and said that it found “no location-based information on either phone, with or without Location Services enabled.”

Source: iOS 4.3.3 Fixes 'Locationgate'. Here's Proof [REPORT] | Redmond Pie