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InvisibleShield iPhone 4 Max Protection Giveaway #3


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
InvisibleShield iPhone 4 Max Protection Giveaway #3


All throughout July we'll giving away iPhone 4 stuff! Thats right, "stuff", everyone loves "stuff". Cases, Accessories, etc. will be given away EVERY Monday of July so make sure your an active member of the site!

You know you need your iPhone 4 Retina Display to stay as beautiful as it is. Take a chance at our giveaway this week for the InvisibleShield Max Protection for iPhone 4.

But how do I enter?


WINNER WINNER is iscre1m


The winner will be randomly picked on Monday, July 12th/13th, 2010 12 AM Midnight

Good Luck!​
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oh god if i win... =D

well i'll still have to wait for iphone to come back in stock...

Twitter : Connorrrrrr
i dont think it will be long before apple or your carrier has all the phones in stock for all..

i never win anything but on top i dont use twitter. my life is too boring to need to tweet about it lol
twitter nick: pelchatsw man i really need some protection on this thing its all glass lol.