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InstaTravel - Best Travel Sticker For All Globetrotters


Sep 25, 2012
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Hi Everyone,


With InstaTravel, you can easily decorate and share photos with friends and family telling them what city you are visiting, when you were there, and how much fun you are having! InstaTravel includes more than 400 cities templates, expressions, and greetings in many languages, as well as fun travel stickers, Fx filters, and customized frames, with continuous updates!

- More than 200 graphic and colorful Cities templates.
- Over 100 Fun Expressions and Greetings in many languages.
- More than 200 Country icons and Fun stickers to decorate you and your photos!
- Numerous Fx filters and unique Frames.
- Easy to use UI.
- Save your photos, Email or Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
- More Cities, Greetings, Expressions, and Seasonal updates to come!

With a few clicks of your finger and without having to type in the info., InstaTravel’s colorful illustrations will blend in with your photos and won’t superimpose over your memorable moments. If a picture says a thousand words, then InstaTravel will help you make it more! Get IntraTravel now!

InstaTravel is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on The Apple App Store. FREE to download.

Download InstaTravel - Best Travel Sticker

Have a good day all globetrotters :cool:


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