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In Shape for iPhone by Emperor Lab – the Weight-Loss Solution That Really Works


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Aug 14, 2012
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We are pleased to announce the release of our new app In Shape: Fitness. Diet. Massage (1.0).

In Shape is an iPhone app devoted to weight loss. Being the result of a year’s joint work of the app developers, experienced fitness instructors, massage therapists and world-famous nutritionist Zoё Harcombe, In Shape provides a comprehensive approach to weight loss, combining fitness exercises with slimming massage and healthy eating.

In Shape has no analogue on the App Store thanks to its extensive database of fitness exercises and massage techniques and unique algorithm of creating fitness programs.

The main features of the app:
- ability to do fitness exercises and practise self-massage
in the real-time mode;
- exercises requiring no training equipment;
- ability to choose the variant of performing an exercise
you prefer – a normal variant or a light one;
- ability to distribute exercise intensity among your
problem areas to tailor each workout to your needs;
- ability to change the pace of exercises during a workout
(the video will slow down or speed up);
- ability to design your personal weight loss plan with
detailed guidelines for each day;
- combination of fitness exercises and anti-cellulite self-massage;
- The Harcombe Diet®.

Additional advantages:
- pleasant design;
- clear and user-friendly interface;
- ability to print out the programs you designed;
- voice control when exercising in the real-time mode (VIP function);
- connection to a TV via an AV or HDMI cable (VIP function);
- specialists’ support provided for all the members of the In Shape Club.

The iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/app/in-shape:-fitness.-diet.-massage/id542414945

Our video presentation:


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