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in search of an inventory app


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Jun 22, 2013
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Hi, totally new to the forums here so I hope I'm posting in the right section.

After working for Wal-Mart for over a year and getting used to their inventory processes, I transitioned to a different grocery store that's a little behind the times as far as...well...most things, but inventory is the thing I'm having a hard time adapting to, mostly because i try to be as efficient as possible aka lazy.
so if anyone is familiar with walmarts inventory they have a handheld computer called a telxon with a smart system application that has several features one of which lets u scan the barcode of the shelf label and notifies you as to whether or not you have it in the back room, how many you have and it's location. theres several other features available with this app but i'm not needing anything so fancy. the store i'm now working at has a place for me to put my overstock for nights where there isn't a truck of new freight to work, so rather than having to search and dig through all of the inventory i have left over from previous truck nights, i was utilizing the notes app and made a list of all the stuff i had in the back, but the pain was having to keep it updated and switching back and forth between notes to see what i had/needed. all that i'm looking for is an app that which allows me to list the item and quantity of my backroom inventory and when i check to see if i need it on the shelf i can refer to the list, take down a number of how many i need/subtract the quantity that i take.
with the notes app, i could do this, but it's not as organized and keeping it updated is not so efficient.
also, i have searched the app store and while the apps i've found aren't terrible, theyre just not quite what i'm looking for

tl;dr: searching for an inventory app that allows me to list items, quantity, ability to note what i need and add/remove quantity.

thanks in advance for any assistance