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Images of New 4-Inch iPhone Supposedly Leaked


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Jul 27, 2011
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This next story should be met with equal amounts of enthusiasm and skepticism. On the one hand, the image that was leaked with this rumor is quite convincing. This leads us to be more open to the possibility that a 4-inch iPhone really is in the works at Apple.

The leaked pic shows what looks like an iPhone 6 sitting next to an iPhone 5S; however, there is one glaring discrepancy... the iPhone 6 look-alike on the right is basically the same size as the iPhone 5S on the left. If it were an actual iPhone 6, then it would be noticeably larger.

The part of this report that has us scratching our head in bewilderment is the name that supposedly leaked along with the image. The source of the pic claims the phone will be called the iPhone 5se. This seems highly suspect as most of the industry intel suggests it will be called the iPhone 6c, the iPhone 6 mini or maybe the iPhone 7c. While anything is possible, it makes little sense for Apple to backtrack to a previous generation of iPhone for their naming convention. It would also be the first time Apple has ever used an "se" descriptor.

At any rate, there is one other tidbit to share that came from another report (at 9to5Mac). Supposedly the iPhone 5se, iPhone 6c, iPhone 7c, (or whatever it will be called), is going to come with the A9 processor instead of the A10 processor that the iPhone 7 will include. This last clue suggests it could end up with the iPhone 6c moniker as most of the earlier rumors have predicted.

Source: MacRumors

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