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iAds Are Here!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Apple said it would be starting to use iAds in some apps from July 1st, and true to its word, some have already popped up, as detailed by AppleInsider. Two of the early ads are from Dove and Nissan, and AppleInsider says that those two companies are believed to have paid $10 each to be some of the first to advertise their products using iAds, and so they're not being shy about it! Nissan has even issued a video showing off the iAd for its Nissan Leaf electric car, which demos how the iAds work within an app for those of us who have yet to come across them, and which you can view if you follow the AppleInsider link. I like the way it says that it "lives inside the app and doesn't sent you to the browser", like it's a little pet iAd!

The iAd works just like an app, with the ability to interact via touching, swiping, and shaking. I have to say, the Nissan one looks pretty cool, right down to the spray-paint canister noise it makes when you shake the iPhone to change the car's colour. You can expect to see many more iAds appearing in your apps soon, but only if you're running iOS 4. You don't have to have an iPhone 4 to run them.

Source: AppleInsider
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I feel that if a app is supported by ads it should be free to us. Hopefully this will be the way it happens.