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Hybrid 2 Action-RPG Out Today


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Jun 18, 2010
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Gamevil has announced today that the sequel to last year's action-RPG, Hybrid: Eternal Whisper, has arrived in the app store. Boasting hundreds of maps, and a sprawling storyline, Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia, takes up where the previous game left off, with the sentimental fantasy of the game's hero, Grey. It's not just more of the same with the sequel and old Grey and his fantasies though! No, there's a new quest system and a series of new endings for Hybrid fans to get all excited about, with a massive 180 possible quests available, with players now having the freedom to roam easily between different worlds. The controls have also been improved to make for an all-round smoother gameplay experience. Here's Kyu Lee, vice president and head of Gamevil talking about Hybrid 2:
"Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia is a great blend of story, visuals and technology. This is indeed another great addition to the role playing game lineup that we've had the privilege of bringing to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users."
You can download Hybrid 2 from the App Store for $4.99/£2.99.

Source: Gamevil