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How to share movies with various apps


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Dec 17, 2015
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I'm a long time droid user just recently switched to apple. I've been very confused as to how to handle my movies. I figured out how to upload them via iTunes, but it seems that I can't ever open them up in the different movie player apps I downloaded.

I moved the movies via iTunes to "On My Device" "Movies". I can open these movies in the default player, but when I open any other app I've downloaded (such as VLC), it says there are none to play.

So I then figured out how to download the movie to the specific app via iTunes. Great, now I have TWO copies of the same movie on my phone just to play in two different apps. Problem is, when I want to test apps to see which I like, I have to RE DOWNLOAD that same movie AGAIN to that new app. Now I have 3+ copies of one move on my phone, taking up space, just to play it in different apps.

There has to be a better way as this is just ludicrous (yes, I'm a fan of Space Balls). Please help me figure out what my admittedly pathetic internet searches are not turning up. I should be able to move the file to my iPhone once and let it be accessed by any application... really that only makes since.

Help please!
I am confused by why you want to view a movie thru an app rather than just the native Video App.
Well, I got used to being able to swipe on the sides to change volume and brightness. Also, I'm not a fan of the way the movies are listed, however I haven't found a player yet I do like because of the monstrous problem of having to move a show to my phone EACH TIME I want to try a new player out.
If I tap on the screen I see video controls, including volumn. In addition, swipe up and you get control center controls which include brightness.
Well, I can get to volume easy enough but I can't get any swipe from the bottom to come up. I have a hard enough time in portrait mode and I have never been able to swipe up in landscape.

I really do appreciate your help but the bigger question remains which is how do I share one movie file with multiple apps? It seams extremely logical to me that I upload it once and anything should be able to access it. That is basic computing.
I don't believe that is how the IOS system works. Regardless, you should be able to access the control center while in landscape mode, I do it all the time. Make sure you have it toggled correctly in settings.