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How to make sketches in seconds?


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Mar 23, 2012
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I am an iPhoneographer, and Sketch is one kind of photos I like. There are so many sketch making apps we can choose from App Store, My Sketch and PowerSketch are the best two apps.

My Sketch is a $0.99 app on iTunes App Store, it’s so easy to make a sketch. Get photo, Sketch photo, save and share, that’s all. It provides many sketch filters to apply. A newbie can easily create amazing sketches with My Sketch in seconds.

PowerSketch is another awesome app, the developer just dropped the price from $0.99 to free for a limited time. Its capture ability is the best among tons of apps. It enables you add real-time effects to photos and videos! Select a sketch effect you like and shoot, two steps to make a gorgeous photo or video. It’s easier than any other similar apps.

Here are some samples I shoot with those two apps.
My Sketch Sample 1 $My Sketch Sample 1.jpg
My Sketch Sample 2 $My Sketch Sample 2.jpg
PowerSketch Sample 1 $PowerSketch Sample 1.jpg
PowerSketch Sample 2$PowerSketch Sample 2.jpg
PowerSketch Sample 3 $PowerSketch Sample 3.jpg