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How to import photos from SD card to iphone?


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May 11, 2014
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Hi Everyone,
I’m looking for a suitable device or way of transferring photos directly from SD card to an iPhone to allow for quick uploading to social network sites/e-mail whilst travelling (limited computer access in hostels etc.)

I’ve done some research and found the following, I was wondering if anyone knew of other options?

· Apple make a The Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader – but compatible with iPad not iPhone
· Eye-Fi: An SD Card that transfers photos from camera to iPhone through a built-in adhoc wi-fi network. Great, but too expensive at around £100 for 32 GB card.
· AirStash: This multi-use device is essentially a USB flash drive with an SD card reader which becomes a wi-fi hotspot. Great, but costs around £90 too.
· Zoomit : An SD Card Reader that connects to the iPhone's Dock Connector. Perfect, it's small, no maintance, and just what I had in mind….BUT it seems that this product is obsolete and I can’t find it ANYWHERE for sale
· Kingston MobileLite Wireless – a wireless storage reader to access SD cards and USB’s – battery powered and creates its own network, uses a phone app to access the content. Around £30-£35. Quite bit to what I had liked though.
· Dane-Elec Media Streamerc- very similar to the Kingston but only seems to be available in the US
· Adata Dash Drive Air AE400 – also very similar to the above – allows multiple devices to access storage attatched to it using a wi fi network. However, slightly more expensive at around £45.