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How to edit pics for my contacts


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Jan 10, 2015
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I'm trying to add pics to my contacts. Is there a guide somewhere that will tell me how I can do this? When I try and add a contact pic from my photo roll, I can't resize/crop the image to include what I want in the photo. I'm guessing my only alternative is to find an app that will do this, or adjust the resolution and image size of the photo in photoshop?
In the Photos app, you can crop the image and enhance it if possible. This won't change the resolution, though. To get this done, you need an app such as Photogene.

When you add the image to a contact in the Contacts app, it's possible to pinch with two fingers to adjust the photo, to enlarge it.



Hope that helps.
I tried this, and the image always bounces back to the original size. Doing the pinch edit doesn't let me zoom in or out on what I want to include in my contact pic. Am I doing something wrong?

The image will not reduce in size, but I can zoom in. How can I get it to reduce? It looks like it is defaulting to whatever the image size is for the widest I can zoom out..for example, if I've picked a company logo from a website that I want to use, that is 200x200 square, it wont let me zoom out to give me enough space to include that into the circular contact frame..I hope I'm making myself clear but I can post pics if needed.
What if you take a screenshot of the picture and then try to adjust the screenshot to fit into the contact's circle?
Thats a very interesting suggestion, how can I try that?
Open the photo on your iPhone. Make sure that the background (around the image) is black. Then press Home and Power button at the same time shortly. You'll hear a shutter sound, and the image can be found in your Camera Roll afterwards. Then you can try to use it for a contact.
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Interesting, but doesn't work for me because the logo doesn't have black around it (which I'm guessing is important). The logo is square and is an image of varying color..so the problem remains, I can't "zoom out" and have the whitespace I need added so that the logo can fit inside the circular contact pic frame.
This is what I meant:

The top and bottom (Edit, Today, Trash icon...) shouldn't be visible on your screenshot, but it should look like this:
OK, but when I open the logo, it takes up the entire frame with the artwork. It doesn't contain any extra space anywhere. If the black top and bottom are important, do I need to do something extra to the image?
Your iPhone's screen is not square. It's a rectangle. If you take a screenshot of the logo in the Photos app, you'll be able to adjust the image when you add it to a contact.

If you prefer a white background, you can use that also. It doesn't have to be black.
hmm weird, doesn't work for me. The screenshot still snaps back to it's original size. I guess I'll have to live with it.

FWIW, I can zoom in with no problem..it seems I cannot only when I try to reduce in size to fit the circular contact frame.
It's not possible to reduce the logo for your contacts to adjust it. Thus my suggestion with the screenshot. Your logo should be smaller then, and you can enlarge it/zoom in if needed.
When you edit the logo, make sure there are borders around it, so the image will appear smaller when you add it to a contact, and you'll be able to increase it's size and fit it into the frame.