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How many ways to send files to another cell phone when blue tooth does not pair


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Dec 27, 2010
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Mesquite Texas USA
Hi. Here is my issue. My Iphone 4 will not pair with my girlfriends cell phone. Gives me a not compatible error. No biggie, but how else can I send ring tones directly to her samsung cell phone? Itunes is not a option as she cannot hook her cell phone up to a computer. She sends me files all day long to my Iphone 4, but I cannot seem to do the favor. Pictures yes, but for example I cannot send My MP3 Ipod tunes from my phone. I do not want to use the email option either.
The standard Bluetooth options are extremely limited. I believe there are jalbreak apps that let you send files. Never use any of them myself.

You won't find anything in the app store that will let you send mp3's from your iTunes library. The only bluetooth apps in the app store are for iPhone to iPhone/pod/pad...
Thanks.. Im jailbroken so I might search for something.
I come up with a half assed work around but it does what I need it to do.
I email the files she needs from my computer to her phone by emailing them to her phone number. If I need a file from her phone, she just sends them to my email then I have to save them as an attachment then copy to Itunes. If its a mp3 ringtone I have her send them to my email, save it, then convert it to M4a,
then sync it with Itunes. Im getting pretty fast at it! She can send me a MP3 and I can have it converted and on my phone in less than two minutes!

I still think there should be an easier way. Maybe in time. This technology is remotely new anway...
if there just little ringtones...sms them.im not sure what the size limit is

Yea, we did that. BUT, her files are in MP3 format.
They have to be converted to .m4r before the iphone 4 will play it as a ring tone. Also, when she sends it as a mp3 in MMS to my phone you can play the MP3 file but it does not give an option to save it at all. Not sure why that is.