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How in the world does one upload a photo to the Iphone 6 for use as wallpaper?


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May 2, 2015
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How does one upload a photo to the Iphone 6, I want to use it as wallpaper. I looked on the internet and it says to use itunes - okay that looks easy, but all I have is itunes store! So where's itunes?

Anyway, how do I upload a picture from my computer to the iphone 6?

Welcome to iPhoneForums, mbu!

iTunes is something that has to be installed on your computer, so you can use it to sync images to your iPhone. Here's a link to get the latest version:
Get the latest version of iTunes - Apple Support

After installing iTunes on your computer, follow these instructions to get photos to your iDevice:
Sync photos to your iPhone iPad and iPod touch in iTunes - Apple Support

It's also possible to get pictures to the iPhone without syncing them to your device via iTunes.

Here are two more options:
If it's just one photo, send an email to yourself, if possible. Open the email on your iPhone, and save it to your device. It will be in the Photos app afterwards,and then you'll be able to use it as wallpaper.

It's also possible to use online storage to get it to your iPhone. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others sync between operating systems. You can save the image to your Photos app from there as well, and use it as wallpaper.

Hope that helps.
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