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How easy to transfer MP3s to iPhone?


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Jun 18, 2014
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Hi, I wonder if you can help me? I think this is probably a dumb questions but I've never used an iPhone so not sure what works and what doesn't.

I want to record a bunch of DIY audiobooks for my boyfriends birthday and upload them to his phone. First of all, can the iphone play mp3s or should I be looking at another format?

Secondly, how easy/hard is it to upload these files? I'm fairly IT/phone savvy and assume I can just transfer them over from my laptop? I've had difficulty transfering stuff to an iphone before though and know they can be a but tricky with non apple stuff so just wanted to check with you guys before I manage to accidentally wipe his whole phone. :)

Thanks for your advice,
Forgot to say, I'm not sure which version of the iphone it is. He got it 2nd hand though so it's definitely not the most recent.
If it's an MP3, you should just be able to sync it to iTunes and it can be put on the phone. Another way is to send it via a large file hosting service like Dropbox.

I'd definitely use the MP3 format.

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