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how do I find app information


Sep 20, 2011
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I have an iPhone 6+ on iOS 8.1 and AppInfo is not showing USER apps. I'm trying to find either an alternative app or website that shows the bundle break down, So I can fix/ modify themed icons.
Hi. Your inquiry sorta begs the question. Have you tried looking into the App Store?
Yes. I've looked in Cydia and AppInfo and appstat don't work with iOS 8.1

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I figured you probably had but thought I should ask. Sorry, I don't have any other ideas... :)
Thanks. It's ok.

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Here's a trick I found that's left over from when iFile didn't show names at all (thanks to Apple's new naming and folder structure).

Do note you have to have iFile ... mainly because I know of no other way to do this... :)

In iFile, be at the main Home page (the one you come to when/if you press the Home icon). Then, create a new folder called "Applications."

Now, in iFile, go to Containers > Bundle > Application. Press the "Edit" button (top right) and select all the items in that Application folder (do so by pressing an holding one of the items to get a "Select All" popup.

With all the apps selected, tap the clipboard icon at the bottom right and select "Copy/Link."

Then tap the "Done" button (top right) and return to the Applications folder you made. Open the folder, select the "Edit" button and then tap the highlighted clipboard button again. This time, choose "Create Link" and, after the links have been made, press Done.

Now, because of the changes Apple made, iFile's developer had to change the way iFile works. So, you will see the mix of numbers and letters in Applications folder. No problems. Cause now you can open the AppInfo tweak and you will see your apps (and their info) on the first tab (titled "AppStore").

Now, this is only a temporary fix. If you add or delete an app, you'll have to repeat this (as you've only created links to the apps). However, until/unless AppInfo gets updated to work with Apple's changes - this is the best way I've found to easily see some app data.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for that!

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Search on the app store I think you'll get your targeted one's.