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How do I delete a photo or photo album?


Oct 29, 2014
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How do I delete a photo or photo album in the built-in Photo app?
I usually do everything in "Albums" view, so that's where I'll give directions from...

To remove a picture (or pictures) - be in the view where you see all your pictures. Then, tap the "Select" button at the upper right. Then, tap on the photo(s) you wish to delete; you will see a blue check mark appear. Once you are done selecting the picture(s), tap the trash can icon in the lower right. A pop-up will appear and so press the line that reads "Delete ## Photos." That's it.

To delete an album, be in the main Album view. Press the Edit button in the upper right. You will see a red circle with a white minus sign appear to the left of all deletable folders (you can't delete the Apple stock ones). Tap the circle and a red Delete block will appear to the right. Tap it and you're done, you've deleted the album.

Hope this helps.

After I tap on the photo(s) I wish to delete, a blue check mark appears, but there is no trash can icon in the lower right. My only options are Cancel, Upload (Message, iCloud) and Add To.

Also, when I try to delete an Album, I go to the main Album view and press the Edit button in the upper right. However, no red circle with a white minus sign appears to the left of any of my albums. This is true for the Camera Roll album as well as for My Photo Stream and the photos that I synchronized with my computer through iTunes.
The photos and albums that were synced through iTunes can't be deleted from your iPhone that way. You'll have to sync them to iTunes again and deselect them there to delete them from your iDevice.

Camera Roll and PhotoStream (if enabled) are built in features and can't be removed from the folders in Photos.
Photos you took with your iPhone or a camera (and imported them to your device) can also be removed this way:
Tap the photo, then you'll see a trash icon at the bottom right.

Or, if you look at the whole album, tap "Select" at the top right, then choose the images you intend to remove and tap the trash icon:

This will only work when they're not synced through iTunes.
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