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Home screen glitch?


Apr 7, 2012
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I rearranged my home screen a few days ago and decided I didn't like it. What I had done was leave a row of apps on the first screen and bump everything over one screen. I figured the easiest way to fix this (as I had done in the past) was to move the row of apps to the next screen and the "blank screen" would disappear. However once I did that, the blank screen didn't go away. Was this something changed in the latest release of ios 7 or did I just find a wonderful glitch?

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No, there's no glitch. You just ran into the software. :)

When you go to move icons to a new page, the iPhone will offer you the next open page after your last page of icons. So, if you have four pages (including the first blank one), the page that opens is actually page five. As that's not the first page, it won't "fix" your blank page.

I, too, had that same problem, but I don't really remember what worked. Sorry. All I know is you have to keep messing with it. Try moving an icon on your second page to the LEFT (which is where your blank first page is).

It can be done, honest. :) You just have to fiddle with it.

I didn't know if allowing the first page to be blank was the glitch as I'd never been able to get the first page to be blank with out it disappearing on me.

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I did too for a couple days until I realized how much I use all the apps on my first screen.

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