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Hire your personal translator with translator apps for iPhone


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May 27, 2010
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Austin, TX

We all know the feeling when happily strolling in some foreign city while on holiday, looking for a certain museum or a certain ancient church and ending up stuck and needing to ask for directions. Sure, some people might try to be helpful but sometimes the language barrier is too much, and it can cost you precious time. But, your smartphone companies have been thinking of helping you with this little inconvenient issue too. If you’re an Apple fan, you have your pick at quite a few apps that will help you translate from one language to another in a quick and easy manner. Here’s a few you might want to download from the AppStore if you have a vacation planned already:

Jibbigo – is an offline voice translator and does not need phone or data connectivity to function. Spanish-English Jibbigo was first released in September 2009 and since then the company has extended its offerings to include 8 languages (German, French, Korean amongst them). With Jibbigo the user holds down a record button and says a phrase. This phrase then appears as text in both languages and is spoken aloud in the target language making it so easy to communicate with people that don’t speak your language!

Translate Mobile – is an online translation and dictionary application that is especially designed for mobile phones. The translator supports 11 languages including Russian, Portuguese, Italian or Dutch.

iLingual – this is an unusual funny app that most users should be delighted to use. The app uses no dictionaries, but lets you “speak” French, German or a little bit of Arabic with your own lips. All you have to do to work this app, is take a picture of your lips and let iLingual analyze the result and convert it into a series of speaking animations. Talk your way into impressing people from the start!

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Nov 22, 2011
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Hi I cant help but notice your concern :)

well i have this app on my iPhone called speechtrans its a language translator
this app save me when im on my verge of failling my language class
so this app really save me :)
if your interested you can visit the website at SpeechTrans
i hope this help :)

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