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Sep 20, 2010
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I am from Pune,India

Its just about a month since I have bought The Officially Unlocked
( not very sure tho!! ) version of the IPhone4 32GB

I am here for learning more about this beauty, & also find some good friends who are as enthusistic as I am about gadgets & particularly The IPhone4.

There are a couple of things I have yet to figure out and I'm hoping some of you can lend me some assistance.

The Version I have on my phone at the momet is : 4.02(8A400) I think I may have downloading this, but am not very sure...
My question is: Do I download the latest Version 4.1??

How do I check if the phone I have is a genuine & officially unlocked one & not a jailbroken one?
Can the Serial Number or Model number help in any way about it??

I would also like to share a strange thing that happened to my Iphone last evening. It just went blank. I tried everything, recharging it for a while & it did not work. A friend suggested me the 3 key Magic where in I pressed the Volume button +the dimple button + the on-off switch for about 3 seconds ( gave it cold boot) & it started working!
Anyone else faced similar problems ? Has any solutions to this?

Thanks & Regards
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Hi Atul, If your iPone iOS is 4.0.2 then it is not jail broken because there is no available jailbreak for that. and just to make sure, see if you have "Cydia" installed.

For the problem you had. did it happen again? if not then you shouldn't worry much about it.