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Oct 21, 2010
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I am about to investigate my new iphone 4 and am looking forward to reading posts on this site.
In another place I will ask about how to add an upside-down question mark for Spanish texts.
welcome to the forum! you can add your spanish keyboard in the settings that will most likely have the upsidown ?
I added the Spanish keyboard. In fact, now, even when I use the English keyboard and hold down the question mark for one second, the upside down question mark appears. I have also discovered that if I hold down the "e", for example, a range of e's with different accents appear. This is excellent.
I am now not sure if all of that was available without the Spanish keyboard. as I don't need to select the Spanish keyboard.
i did now know that either i thought you had to select spanish key board each time, you tought us something also :)