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Sep 27, 2010
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I purchased a 3GS in May of this year and loved it. I got an iPhone 4 last week and I love it even more. I gave my 3GS to my husband. I synced my iPhone 4 as soon as I got home with it and everything went perfect. I then proceeded to Show my husband how to sync his 3GS and... Somethings not right. I can do things like purchase a new app and if my husband syncs his phone my app will be on his phone. I also had to re purchase the apps I had on the 3GS. Since we don't know what we're doing our solution is... I do my phone on the desktop and he does his on the laptop and that keeps them separated.
Now... Our 12 year old daughter wants an iPod touch for Christmas. We don't have a 3rd computer. How do I keep them separated?!!!
One more thing, sorry, I tried to get pingchat for my husband and it won't change from my app (account) but my new phone made me start a whole new account.
I know I have a lot if issues sorry.


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Jun 17, 2010
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Lubbock, TX
Just sign into the same iTunes account on all phones and on the pc you want synced. When you plug in each one name them so you can keep them separate then go thru the tabs and select what you want on each device. Once that's done they will all sync to their separate backups and apps ect.

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