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Have Fun Cleaning Up the Ocean With Puff Puff


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Jun 18, 2010
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With the recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf still fresh in everyone’s mind, 6th Mega has come up with a special update for its ecologically sound game, Puff Puff, which entails the player dealing with the many hazards caused by a catastrophically polluting oil spill such as the recent one in the Gulf. 6th Mega has said that it will donate a massive 30 percent of the net proceeds from the game towards ecosystem restoration.

The first version of the game, which is currently available in the App Store, sees you controlling the diodon holocanthus, better known as the spiny puffer, guiding it around a coral reef, where you, and it, come face-to-face with tiger sharks, as well as finding sunken ships and pirate treasures. The game requires skill and precision to master the art of buoyancy control and stay alive.

In the brand new, special Gulf Oil Spill update to the game, which has just been submitted to the App Store today for approval, players will also get to experience the perils caused by the underwater world of deep sea drilling, dodging globs of oil, broken pipes, Robo submarines, and much more. The update introduces a whole new mind-boggling universe of deep sea drilling with new obstacles, new enemies, new ocean life, new power-ups in the shape of extra lives, and refined controls. Not only will it be raising awareness in a fun way, but it’ll also be raising cash too.

You can get the game here at the Apple iPhone App Store, for $0.99/£0.59. The Gulf Oil Spill update will be available shortly.

Source: 6th Mega