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Have Folders In Folders iOS With FoldersInFolders


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

FoldersinFolders (correct spelling) is a nice little tweak from Cydia that brings us closer to that Win/Mac OS feeling where we are free to stick any icon anywhere. This tweak can clean up your springboard a lot by allowing you to have only one folder on your entire device, if you wish. Gridlock users watch out as it can interfere with your springboard by pushing app icons forward. You can get this tweak in Cydia now for $1.99.
i downloaded this app last night and is seems to be working fine. but when I go to put my games folder (which i have ALOT of games and using infinifolders) into this "main" folder, it crashes. Just an FYI guys
ok last update now doesnt even allow a folder inside a folder.. crashes everytime...