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Group texting app that does not show all recipients?


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Mar 14, 2015
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For a long time I happily used an app called GroupText. The particular app allowed texting to large groups but each person/device received an individual copy. (The icon for the app is a blue background with 3 "bubbles").

That large list/individual copy feature made it attractive for use with people who want to keep their cell number private.

However, the app has apparently been sold and that feature is no longer dependable. About half the time those I text get an individual copy, and at other times everyone sees the other cell numbers. There is not an apparent rhyme or reason to the discrepancies. It will be laborious to change, but for trust and privacy reasons I need to be able to protect those numbers.

So can any of you suggest a different app that will send to multiple individuals but each person sees only their copy, and not the entire list of numbers?

Thanks in advance,

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