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Google Translate for iOS Updated With Word Lens Translation and Improved Real Time Conversations


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Nov 27, 2012
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Google has updated today its Translate app with some important new features. First of all, the real-time conversation mode, which has been exclusively available on Android since 2013, has now been updated with support for iOS, as well. The iOS app will also be gaining better conversation tools for two people speaking two different languages.

Another significant update for Google Translate is the fact that Google is now adding technology from the Word Lens it acquired in May, 2014. Thus, the updated Translate app allows users to just point the camera at a sign or text and get in return a translated text overlaid on your screen.

Source: Google
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So now do I keep Word Lens on my iPhone or is it duplicating Google Translate? I have all the available languages downloaded to it.
Got to say it. #firstworldproblems
It seems as if the stand alone Word Lens app function has been added to Google Translate. You can check out the new function in Google Translate to see if it offers the same functionality as the Word Lens app. If it does, you could delete the Word Lens app to save storage space.
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Yeah, well, I just screwed up plans to go to Cozumel by not getting my passport renewed so I am not going to be able to road test it soon. My first opportunity to flee the cold is going to Vegas. And that's a language Word Lens doesn't get.