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Google Rolls out Useful Updates to its Google Docs and Slides Apps for iOS


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Nov 27, 2012
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Google has started rolling out updates to its Google Docs and Slides apps for iOS users. Thus, if you use Google Docs or Slides on your iPhone or iPad, the most important new feature you need to know about is the ability to insert images directly from the app.

After you update the apps to the most recent versions, you will be able to access your camera roll or take a new photo to insert directly into a document or Slides presentation. Furthermore, the newest version also includes quicker access to make basic edits in Slides by allowing users to enter crop mode by double tapping any image in a presentation.

What's really nice is that both of the new features will work in offline mode. If you haven't downloaded the apps yet, you can follow the links from below to get the updated Docs and Slides applications for your iPhone or iPad.

Source: Google Docs, Slides

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