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Google Release Another Handy Update for its iOS Chrome App


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Nov 27, 2012
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A few days back, we shared with you the news that Google had finally updated its official Chrome app for iOS users with the swipe to navigate feature. Now the company has come up with yet another useful feature that lets you swipe on the address bar to switch tabs.

Thus, Chrome for iOS users has been updated with a shortcut to switch between open tabs without having to reach for an icon in the upper right corner with your thumb. Therefore, in order to quickly switch between open tabs, you just need to swipe on the address bar at the top of the Chrome interface.

Furthermore, the app has been updated with a set of three icons which will line up across the top of the screen when you pull to refresh. You can then swipe to the left to create a new tab, release the finger to refresh the webpage or swipe to the right to close the current tab. To make use of these new features, go ahead and follow the link from below to get the app.

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