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Google is Set to Resurrect its Mobile Payments Service to Take on Apple Pay


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Nov 27, 2012
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A fresh report coming from the Wall Street Journal publication is allegedly saying that Google is looking to resurrect its mobile payments service in a bid to go head to head with Apple Pay. Chances are that Google will seriously improve its current Wallet service which, albeit works with 300,000 plus MasterCard PayPass merchant locations, seems to have had some struggles getting wide adoption.

Marc Freed Frinnegan, an ex-Google Wallet executive, thinks that Apple Pay has changed a lot the business of mobile payments.

“If payments become a standard feature of phones, Google has to have a service on a par with Apple or better. Certainly Apple isn’t working with the carriers.”

Google Wallet has been available since 2011, but the fragmentation of Android devices has been the biggest impediment so far. It will be curious to see what will the search giant try to do in order to become a serious competitor to Apple.

Source: WSJ