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Getting a ringtone on to my iPhone


Oct 29, 2014
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In iTunes, when I go to Settings | Tones in the tree view on the left and tick Sync Tones and Selected tones, 5 tones show up, all of which I check. I then click on Apply and then Synch.
I then go to my iPhone, but none of the ring tone is selected are under Settings | Sounds | SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS | Ringtone, nor are they under On My Device | Tones in the iTunes tree view.
How can I get these ringtones on my iPhone?
This randomly started working again after I clicked on each file in iTunes to test and make sure each one played. After synching, my ringtone appeared on my iPhone. I don't fully understand why it was not appearing earlier.
I synched my iPhone yesterday and today, my ringtone is gone again. I again tried to sync it using the steps mentioned above (and even tried tweaking the steps by clicking on each file on iTunes per my 31 Oct. message, above), but all to no avail.

I also reviewed the file provided by scifan57, but I still cannot get that ringtone on my iPhone.

Are there any other suggestions?