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Get it Off Your Chest With Vent on iOS


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Jun 18, 2010
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Phone Arena reports today on a rather unusual social marketing app, Vent, which is designed to be a way that people can complain, moan, and yes, vent, about things that annoy them.

Basically, once you log on to the app, you can choose to describe your current feeling from one of four mood labels: angry, furious, irritated, and calm. You can then let fly with whatever is bugging you about your day, or choose to read the posts of others who are similarly vexed and Venting.

And if that sounds a little like Twitter, Phone Arena points out one of the main differences between Vent and Twitter is that Vent has no character limit, unlike Twitter’s 140-word limit. Also, Vent is very much targeted for just one thing: venting.

One of the best things about Vent is the way in which, once you’ve aired your grievance in suitably verbose style, strangers from all over the world will pop up with words of support, wisdom, or general thoughts on your plight.Doubtless there will also be some trolls too, but you can always vent about them in your next post!

Click here to download the free app: Vent - Social Networking App to Share Feelings Express Emotions Follow Friend s Updates Discover People s Status Browse Newsfeed on the App Store on iTunes

Source: Phone Arena


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Aug 26, 2014
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UGH I hate how people always try to create a version of twitter thats tailored to a specific 'sub-twitter!' #Irritated #TheSameThingAsTwitter #Vent #MaybeIShouldGetTheApp #MaybeIShouldStopHashtagging

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