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Get an iPhone 4 for $147 At Sam's Club


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Jun 18, 2010
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Engadget has the scoop today that Sam’s Club is currently selling 16GB iPhone 4s that are locked into two-year contracts with AT&T for $147, which is, as Engadget puts it “a whole two bucks” cheaper than Radio Shack’s current price of $149 for the same phone. The offer is ongoing now until Christmas day, and the store is also stocking iPhone 3GSs for $47. According to the memo that Engadget has obtained a picture of, these offers are for Sam’s Club members only, and not for the general public, so you’ll have to pay the $50 membership fee required to sign up to Sam’s Club if you can’t resist the offer and are not already a member. Of course that would then put the cost of your new iPhone 4 to $197, but from what I hear, general everyday stuff at Sam’s is so heavily discounted that it might be worth your while joining anyway.

Source: iPhone 4 hits new low of $147 on contract at Sam's Club this week -- Engadget