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German Website Claims Apple Banned Them Over 'Bendgate' Coverage


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Jul 27, 2011
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A German blog called computerbild.de claims that Apple has banned them from all future events and from getting Apple products to review as punishment for their video coverage of the "bendgate" iPhone 6 Plus controversy.

The above video was supposedly the culprit for the Apple crack-down, and now the folks at computerbild.de are going public with what they consider rough treatment from Apple. Here's a quote with more of the details,

The publication says that Apple’s PR department in Germany refused to answer any questions about the bent phone and only told it that it “will not get any testing devices and no invites to official events any more.” Because of this, the publication has written an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking him if this was really the reaction he wants his company to have to publications that are covering this issue.

Apple is infamous for being very strict about how the media portrays its products, but this seems a bit overboard. Of course, we don't have any proof of these allegations so we should probably take it with a grain of salt. If true, what do you think of this move by Apple?

Source: BGR