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Fun and addicting geography trivia game (for kids/adults)


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May 29, 2012
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We've made a fun and addicting geography trivia game for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). A ton of time and resources have been spent making the game look great and run blazingly fast.


The way it works is you're shown the outline of a country with four options to choose from. The more countries you identify, the higher your score and the more time you have to complete the game.

The game mechanics are what make it addicting:

1. Your score grows more valuable with the number of correct answers in a row.
2. It's time-based with four trophies awarded based on your time (in addition to the final score).
3. There is a set number of questions for each round (a competitive constraint).
4. We think it has that "X" factor that makes a seemingly ordinary game fun and addicting.

You can play a web-based demo of the game here:
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Though due to the nature of the medium it's only an approximation of the real app. (The iPhone app is much better!)

And here's the iTunes preview link:

If you try the app I'd love to hear your feedback!

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