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Fruit Ninja Secret Banana Mode Finally Revealed as Arcade Mode!


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Jun 18, 2010
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROag7hqCc18]YouTube - Fruit Ninja - Arcade Mode trailer[/ame]​

Six months and over 2.5 million sales worldwide down the line, Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja iPhone and iPad game today gets its biggest and most-anticipated update yet. Since the release of Zen Mode, players have been waiting for more information about the mysterious secret banana mode, which is visible on the mode select screen. Now that “secret banana mode” can be revealed as… Arcade Mode, the most exciting and intense addition to Fruit Ninja yet! The mode gives players 60 seconds on the clock to achieve the highest score possible, with added bonus coloured bananas which fly up on screen and which you must then slice in order to benefit from the bonus.

There are three different coloured banana bonuses in total: Double Points, Frenzy and Freeze. The Double Points bonus gives you exactly what it says on the tin – double points for a short period of time. Criticals and combos also count too. Frenzy launches a juicy cavalcade of fruit onto the screen, for you to slice and dice and rack up all those lovely points. Finally, the Freeze bonus slows down the entire screen, enabling maximum accuracy and combo potential.

The bonus bananas can also be stacked to activate a simultaneous Freeze, Frenzy and Double Points bonus, or any combination of the three. Keep the combos going, and the game will continue to speed up, enabling you to achieve a massive combo blitz.

At the end of each game, your skills and scores during the 60 seconds will be rated, and you’ll achieve three unique awards, good for a certain number of bonus points each.

Another addition to Arcade Mode involves the new weekly Leaderboards system, where you can instantly compare your scores against your online friends, in a bid to find out who’s top banana!

The free update will be available very soon for both the iPhone and iPad HD versions of the game. If you don’t already have the game, you can get it here for $0.99/£0.59.