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    So I’m at work and ran out of Flux-Off. Needing a new can, had to walk to the warehouse to get a new can. There was a Fed-Ex semi truck unloading half it’s load into our warehouse. Asking the warehouse manager “what the heck did we just buy?” She replies to me “6550 digital clocks”.

    Ok, where I work, we install/repair police radios, alarm systems, cameras, controlled access door systems, fire alarm systems, etc. Almost anything low voltage (48V AC/DC).

    Asking my shop manager, what’s with all the clocks? He said most all the schools this summer have requested us to replace their analog clocks with digital classroom clocks because the kids can’t or have a hard fine reading analog clocks.

    Really, kids nowadays can’t read analog clocks? Apparently, because we are installing over 6500 this summer
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